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2011 Award Recipients

Lifetime Award for Distinguished Service in Years of Health Advancement

Richard Feldman, M.D.

Richard Feldman, M.D., Director of Medical Education and Residency Training, Franciscan St. Francis Health, Indianapolis, Indiana.  In recognition of distinguished and exemplary service to Indiana citizens.  For dedication in directing and mentoring aspiring physicians in the Franciscan St. Francis Health Family Medicine Residency program.  For serving as an officer or member of multiple medically related and community service boards.  For receiving the first fellowship from The Center for the History of Family Medicine for his book "Family Practice Stories." For receiving the 2002 National Public Health Award presented by the American Academy of Family Physicians.  For service as Indiana's state health commissioner.  For numerous articles in professional journals and over 150 addresses at medical, educational, literary and cultural conferences.  For educating the public through letters to the editor and his regularly published editorial column in three newspapers.  For tireless and persistent efforts to promote and advocate for improved health for all.

Individual Preventive Medicine and Public Health

Sandeep Gupta, M.D.

Sandeep Gupta, M.D., Riley Hospital for Children, Director, POWER Program.   For excellence and exemplary leadership in developing the POWER  Program - Pediatric Over Weight Education and Research - at Riley Hospital.  For promoting a multi-step approach to the childhood obesity problem.  For serving as the medical supervisor of a team that includes a registered dietician, a physical therapist, and a psychologist.  For taking weight, height, BMI, blood pressure, labs, waist and arm circumferences, and doing fitness testing at the initial visit.  For rotating the patients and their families through the four providers, bi-weekly for thirteen weeks, with follow up monthly visits for three months, and then bi-monthly for a year.  For success in seeing a Body Mass Index decrease in the entire group of enrollees, with twenty-four children completing the POWER program.  For working diligently to address the childhood obesity issue.

William Harper, Ph.D.

William Harper, Ph.D., Professor of Health and Physical Education, Purdue University.  for excellence and exemplary leadership in creating a sports program for disadvantaged children in the Tippecanoe County area.  For teaching about 250 children from ages 7 - 14 about sports, healthy eating, and healthy lifestyles based on National Youth Sports Program (NYSP) guidelines.  For continuing the program as the Purdue Athletes for Life Success (PALS). For addressing the physical, intellectual, emotional and dietary needs of participants.  For teaching that respect acknowledges and values each person's worth, that caring is genuine interest, concern and compassion for others; that responsibility means being reliable, dependable, and accountable for one's actions; that trust is believing in each other to be reliable, responsible, caring, and respectful people.  For developing a program showing that physical activity and good food choices can become vehicles to learn life lessons.


John Miller, M.D.

John F. Miller, M.D., MA in Wellness Programming,, Health Officer, Henry County. For excellence and exemplary leadership in recognizing the need for a Wellness Council in Henry County.  For collaborating with community partners, including the hospital, the YMCA, the Henry County Tobacco Coalition, area businesses, the Chamber of Commerce, Purdue Extension Office, fitness professionals and the hospital outpatient department in developing a vision and goals for the Wellness Council.  For meeting monthly to discuss health needs, concerns, and wellness.  For using social media to inform citizens about multiple health topics.  For being instrumental in organizing the Wellness Council, for leading its on-going development, and as the Health Officer for the Henry County Health Department, encouraging area business to promote wellness within the work place.

Carol Shieh, RN, MPH, DNSc.

Carol Shieh, RN, MPH, DNSc, Associate Professor, Department of Environments for Health, Indiana University School of Nursing.  For excellence, exemplary leadership, and commitment to improving health literacy and information seeking in pregnant women.  For recognizing that health literacy is an important determinant in effectively managing one's health.  For understanding the challenges of negotiating health agencies and systems when English is not one's first language.  For collaborative research and for systematically evaluating health education materials for pregnant women to discern the reading level and appropriateness.  For evaluating materials in libraries, fire stations, drug stores, minute clinics and hospital settings and recognizing that the reading level was beyond the 8th grade and needed revision.  For focusing on nutrition health literacy, racial disparity in information needs, and the identification of barriers to information seeking in a diverse population.


Michele Kunz Wood, R.N.

Michele Kunz Wood, R.N., Manager of Women's Health, Franciscan St. Francis Health.  For excellence and exemplary leadership in serving as an advocate and change agent for women's health.  For organizing the First Race for the Cure in Indianapolis which helped fund a mammography assistance program for low income women. For chairing the 2005 Race for the Cure, raising $1.4 million. For being a founding member of Y-Me, a breast cancer support group. For giving generously of her time and talents, contacts and resources on behalf of breast cancer patients. For leadership in persuading the Indiana legislature to approve the breast cancer awareness license plate. For serving as a board member of the Indiana Breast Cancer Awareness Trust.  For lobbying at both the state and national levels to change laws that adversely affect breast cancer patients.  For her commitment to fight against breast cancer for many years.

Business and Industry Preventive Medicine and Public Health

Indiana University Health Hospital West - Diabetes Center

 Indiana University Hospital West - Diabetes Center. For excellence and exemplary leadership in improving outcomes for Type II diabetes patients with lifestyles that make successful disease management challenging.  For recognizing that the Careguide Navigator model, a program of one-on-one support and long-term relationship building, has the potential to improve patient outcomes.  For piloting the "Care Guide" concept with newly diagnosed diabetics with challenging lifestyles.  For success in bringing the AIC levels of two patients, one with a level of 13.7 and the other of 11.6 down to a level of 6 after one year.  For investment in individualized care and accountability for Type II diabetes patients and showing success.  For implementing a program which many significantly reduce future co-morbidities and high healthcare costs for "high risk" patients.



Wishard Health Services Volunteer Advocates Program


Wishard Health Services Volunteer Advocates Program.  For excellence and exemplary leadership in recognizing that patients who are elderly and suffering from dementia, the developmentally disabled, and mentally ill may need help in making decisions about health care, living arrangements, and finances.  For recruiting, training, and supervising volunteers who serve as court-appointed guardians.  For providing training that includes National Guardianship Association standards of practice and code of ethics, conditions of aging, mental illness, and developmental disabilities, medical ethics, palliative care and hospice resources, cultural competency, communication and confidentiality, case planning and court-report writing.  For establishing a Patient Personal Care Fund which provides clothes, glasses, dentures and personal hygiene items and funeral expenses if needed.  For concern, caring, and compassion in assisting 32 vulnerable patients since April 2010.

Excellence in Health Science Research

Malaz A. Boustani,  M.D., MPH

Malaz A. Boustani, M.D., MPH, Associate Professor of Medicine, Indiana University School of Medicine, Center Scientist, Indiana University Center for Aging Research, Research Scientist, Regenstrief Institute, Inc., Chief Research Officer, Indianapolis Discovery Network for Dementia.   In recognition of distinguished and exemplary research focused on the care of older adults who suffer from dementia and delirium.  For studing patient survey, development of new clinical assessment tools, testing of new treatment approaches and new models of care.  For the application of complexity science to the vexing problem of improving the performance of health care providers and health care systems.  For elucidating the role of total anticholinergic load and anti-cholinergic medications in the development and cl8inical course of dementia and delirium.  For publishing over 60 manuscripts, with half being less than five years old.  For having his work cited more than 700 times  For suggesting a new approach to diagnosis, treatment, or system design for the care of older adults with dementia.  For securing two grants from the National Institute on Aging, one to investigate older adults' perceptions of the harms and benefits of screening for dementia, and the second for a clinical trail investigating the pharmacologic management of delirium in the intensive care unit.  For leading the conception, design, funding, and staffing of the Healthy Aging Brain Center at Wishard Health System.  For developing the Indianapolis Discovery Network for Dementia, a community-wide network of providers serving the needs of older adults with dementia.