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 2008 Award Recipients

Lifetime Award for Distinguished Service in Years of Health Advancement

Walter J. Daly, M.D.

Walter J. Daly, M.D.  In recognition of distinguished leadership in advancing the science of medicine through education and clinical research.  For exceptional contribution to the health of Indiana citizens in developing the state wide medical education system creating more opportunities for training future physicians to serve Indiana and the nation.  For outstanding advancement of medical curricula and research.  For service to the Indiana University—Purdue University Faculty Council for coordination of medical education and research programs.

Dean Emeritus, Indiana University School of Medicine; J. O. Richey Professor of Medicine Emeritus, Indiana University School of Medicine.


Individual Geriatrics and Gerontology

Robin Beck, M.D.


Robin A. Beck, M.D., Department of Geriatrics and Gerontology, Indiana University School of Medicine.  For distinguished and exceptional foresight into the problems of the increasing aging population; for recognition of the multiple services needed by the frail seniors living at home as well as the difficulty of getting the health care services; for conceptualizing and implementing “House Calls for Seniors: an integrated interdisciplinary team approach to providing care to homebound, frail, low income seniors who previously had little or no access to health care services due to physical or psychiatric disabilities; for developing an interdisciplinary approach to solutions for health services to the frail elderly with direct and indirect benefits to seniors with high-quality and coordinated care resulting in improvement in health care outcomes with less need for Emergency Department services and nursing home placement; for the training of geriatric fellows, geriatric nurse practitioners, and other geriatric providers who will provide home visits during their professional careers and help educate the next generation of health care providers about the need and value of high quality, integrated home care services.  For excellence in geriatric medicine.

Individual Preventive Medicine and Public Health

Glenn Bingle, M.D.

Glenn Bingle, M.D., Vice President for Medicine/Academic Affairs, Community Health Network.  In recognition of outstanding and exceptional contribution to patient safety, an increasingly common issue across the country; for special initiative to address the problem in Indiana through a coordinated effort; for his vision of cooperation among entities that otherwise compete resulting in the “Indiana Patient Safety Coalition;” for exceptional leadership in guiding chief medical, nursing, executive officers, pharmacists and safety experts from Indianapolis Area hospitals in a coordinated effort to improve patient safety and reduce patient harm in all local hospitals; for realizing along with colleagues that prevention is the best medicine.  For combining the efforts of competent health care systems and excellence in medical leadership.







The Honorable
Charlie Brown

The Honorable Charlie Brown, Indiana State Representative. In recognition of distinguished and exemplary contribution to the quality of life of Indiana citizens; for establishing health policy impacting the health of children; for allocation of tobacco settlement dollars to health; for supporting tobacco cessation programs and establishing health policy to reduce the use of tobacco in Indiana; for promotion of the dangers of second hand smoke; for authoring the Indiana Checkup Plan/Healthy Indiana Plan with a strong emphasis on prevention; for his effort to achieve a state wide ban on smoking in restaurants and bars and prohibiting smoking in a vehicle with a child on board; for his support of the childhood immunization program and access to health care. For excellence in leadership in establishing health policy benefits for all Indiana citizens


The Honorable Patricia Miller

The Honorable Patricia Miller, Indiana State Senator.  In recognition of outstanding and significant contribution to the development of health policy; for advocacy to improve access to medical care; for support in allocation of tobacco funds for health to increase smoking cessation programs; for allocation of $3,000,000 annually to local health departments to increase their role in smoking cessation and implement smoking ordinances to protect the public’s health; for stewardship in the Senate in getting acceptance of the Indiana Checkup Plan/Healthy Indiana Plan with strong emphasis on prevention; for active leadership to improve the state’s Medicaid system; for her work with Representative Brown to improve the quality of preventive care for pregnant women and improve the health of Indiana citizens; for promotion of the dangers of secondhand smoke.  For excellence in leadership and exemplary service to the State of Indiana and its citizens

Joyce Darnell, R.N., N.P.

Joyce Darnell, R.N., N.P., Rush County Schools Health Services Coordinator and Nurse.  In recognition of distinguished and exceptional service to schools and community; for dedication to protecting the health and safety of children; for intensive work to attain drug free schools; for establishing a system to assure confidentiality of children’s health records; for training teachers in methods to deal with specific health conditions; i.e., diabetes, seizures, epi pen usage and first aid; for performing self evaluations, including staff, for a year end report shared with principals, counselors, school board members, local doctors, hospitals, clinics and Indiana Congressmen and Congresswomen.  For excellence in leadership and quality service to the Rush County schools and community.


Ray Drasga, M.D.

Ray Drasga, M.D., Oncologist, Founder of St. Clare Clinic.  For significant and distinguished leadership in recognition of a crisis affecting the uninsured “working poor’s” inability to access primary health care; for founding the St. Clare Clinic in partnership with the Sisters of St. Francis of Chicago; for providing health care without charge to patients participating in the clinic established to provide access to health care, health maintenance and health information to persons who would endure hardships in obtaining quality health care; for continuing to accept new persons increasing the population served by approximately 10% each year; for service in 2007 to 16,145 patients and providing 12,272 prescriptions; for continuing to serve humanity in the northwest region of Indiana.  For excellence in medicine and leadership.



Carol Friesen, Ph.D., R.D.

Carol Friesen, Ph.D., R.D., Associate Professor, Department of Family and Consumer Science, Ball State University.  In recognition of exceptional and distinguished contribution for the reduction of obesity through a program of Operation Wellness; for attempting to enact the Surgeon General’s Call to Action; for initiating an action program involving individuals, families, schools, community and organizations to become a part of the solution; for increasing the number of children, adolescents, and adults participating in leisure time physical activity, consuming at least five servings of fruits and vegetables daily, and eating healthy snacks; for developing after school programs, in-school programs, summer programs for children, community physical activity and health education classes, worksite wellness programs, and community-wide events; for increasing the fitness level, nutrition knowledge, progress in their stage of change behavior scores, and improved practice in healthier eating habits in the community; for excellence in attaining full cooperation and participation in the Operation Wellness Program.


Lloyd Terry, M.D.

Lloyd Terry, M.D., retired.  For significant leadership and exemplary contribution to assuring the safety and improving the health of the citizens of Hendricks County; for initiating programs for the prevention of disease resulting from poor waste disposal methods; for recognizing the need to establish a correct and modern system of waste disposal; for teamwork with the sanitarian in promoting the need for high standards for waste disposal in rural and urban areas; for establishing commercial, industrial, and residential septic and sewer systems in rural and urban areas; for creating a sanitary environment for the prevention of disease; i.e., enteric disease and mosquito borne disease.  For improving the quality of life to Hendricks county residents and for excellence in medicine and public health.                               


Davis Ellis, M.D.

Davis Ellis, M.D., Health Officer, Rush County.  In recognition of distinguished and exemplary service and leadership in advancing public health; for dedication to improving the health of the citizens of Rush County and across Indiana; for special effort in the reduction and elimination of infectious diseases such as smallpox, typhoid, polio; for promotion and implementation of immunization programs to protect and safeguard the health of all children; for outstanding leadership as Health Officer of Rush County in managing and directing a small staff of nurses, environmentalists, administrative and emergency response personnel in delivering efficient and effective health services to the citizens of Rush county; for services as a physician in counseling citizens with health issues; for collaborative work with he local board of health and public officials in developing and maintaining the health department services needed to protect the health of the public.  For excellence in performance, dedication to responsibility, and exemplary services to the health needs for citizens of rush County.


Robert D. Yee, M.D.

Robert D. Yee, M.D., Chairman, Department of Ophthalmology, Indiana University School of Medicine.  In recognition of significant contribution to the prevention of diabetic blindness by establishing a system for patients to receive screening diabetic eye exams performed in their local communities; for coordination of a team at the Roudebush VA Medical Center to implement “point-of-care” tele-diabetic eye screening to help detect diabetic eye disease; for creating the VA-teleophthalmology extended eye screening with nurses and technicians in community and outpatient clinics to measure visual acuity, eye pressure and photograph the back of the eye; for establishing a method identifying patients with diabetic retinopathy, a leading cause of irreversible yet preventable blindness; for increasing the number of diabetic patients receiving their annual eye examination resulting in an impressive rate of 90%.  For excellence in Ophthalmology and the insight to prevent blindness in diabetic patients.


Business and Industry Preventive Medicine and Public Health

Wishard Medical-Legal Partnership for Patient Health - Lisa Harris, M.D., Wishard Hospital; Tom Froehle, Baker & Daniels; Enid Zwirn, Indiana Health Coalition

Wishard Medical-Legal Partnership for Patient Health.  In recognition of outstanding and significant leadership in launching a Medical-Legal Partnership for Patient Health aimed at improving health care for children; for pooling resources provided by doctors, lawyers, social workers and academics to integrate resources for service to patients with healthcare needs requiring social solutions; for understanding the patient’s illness is sometimes complicated by problems that require more than the typical health care provider can resolve; for putting into place a system of specialists including attorneys to intervene with cleaning u the substandard environment, resulting in better health for the patient; for the implementation of a holistic view of the root causes to these problems, for providing Indianapolis citizens access to greater assistance with health problems that have social or economic roots.  For excellence in health care and creating a holistic approach to health care for the less fortunate population of Indianapolis and Marion County.



ST. Francis Heart Center Cardiac Screening Center - Scott Roberts

St.  Francis Heart Center Cardiac Screening Center.  In recognition of outstanding and distinguished leadership in promoting and educating the public on the value of cardiac screening; for establishing the WISEWOMAN Demonstration program to detect risk factors; i.e., elevated cholesterol, high blood pressure, obesity, sedentary lifestyle and smoking and greatly reducing women’s risk and death from heart disease; for opting in 2005 to include the south side’s only dedicated Cardiac Screening Center for the general public with demographics showing a high risk for heart disease among the residents in the St. Francis service area; for screening and educating the residents of the importance of identifying their risk of death preventable heart disease.  For excellence in medicine and public health.


Clarian West Medical Center Hand Hygiene Improvement Team

Clarian West Medical Center Hand Hygiene Improvement Team.  In recognition of outstanding and significant contribution for reducing disease incidence resulting from low hand hygiene scores; for establishing a leadership team to identify problems related to hand hygiene and develop and execute a plan to improve the safety of the Clarian West environment for patients, caregivers, visitors; for assessment of hand hygiene education levels of caregivers, obstacles to hand hygiene compliance, and for correcting those problems; for placing anti-bacterial pumps in consistent and accessible locations and encouraging caregiver and visitor use on entering and leaving rooms; for awareness of illnesses acquired in a hospital, a major mortality cause resulting in at least $5 billion in excessive health care costs; for exceptional effort in helping to stop the spread of infections, excellence in hand hygiene attaining a level of compliance above the national level of 90%, with entry at 93% and exit at 96%.



Excellence in Health Science Research

     Bradley Neil        Doebbeling, M.D.



Bradley Neil Doebbeling, M.D., Professor, Health Science Research, Department of Medicine, Indiana University School of Medicine, Associate Director, Health Services Research, Regenstrief Institute. In recognition of distinguished and exemplary research focused on quality improvement, implementing research, and the use of information technology to redesign clinical practice; for his insight and leadership capability for organizations in Indianapolis and in the Indiana University School of Medicine environment; for his direction of the Indiana University Center for Health Services and Outcome Research whose mission is to advance the science of transforming the health care system locally, regionally, and nationally; for his understanding of the current systems limitations resulting in unexplained practice variations, major gaps between evidence and practice, suboptimal quality, inequitable patterns of utilization, unsustainable cost increases and poor safety; for his realization of the lack of coordination across sites resulting in unnecessary or inappropriate services being provided creating a financial burden on the public, industry, insurers and government; for providing evidence-based practice and management, implementation and dissemination research to improve quality of care, patient safety, and health outcomes; system redesign to enhance the organizational structure of health care, innovations in the health care research methodology, and implementation of health care information technology.  For excellence in Health Science Research to improve the quality of clinical practice resulting in better health outcomes and efficiencies impacting the economics of health care.\\



Karen S. Hudmon, Dr. P.H, M.S., R.Ph.
































Karen S. Hudmon, Dr. P.H., M.S., R.Ph., Associate Professor, School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Science, Purdue University. In recognition of exceptional and distinguished research focused on increasing health professionals’ qualifications to assist patients with tobacco cessation to reduce the high incidence of deaths from tobacco usage; for developing the tobacco cessation program:  RX for Change: Clinician-assisted Tobacco Cessation for students in the health professions; for dissemination of the program in 98% of the U.S. Schools of Pharmacy, eighty-five nursing schools and various other disciplines; for reaching over 7000 students each year; for creating the program through Train the Trainer workshops for pharmacy faculty, sponsored by the National Cancer Institute; for assessing the extent of tobacco related content in pharmacy curricula resulting in 191 faculty representing 89 of the 91 pharmacy schools attending the workshop, with 67% indicating a high likelihood of adopting the program and 31% a moderate likelihood, and with 81% of the schools adopting all or part of the program in the academic year of 2004-2005.  The effectiveness of the program is supported with more than 1,100 individuals from various disciplines and universities registered users of the program.  Over 30,000 students nationally (dental, nursing, medical, pharmacy) have participated in the program  For excellence in Health Science Research and for improving the clinicians’ skills in assisting patients with tobacco cessation and improving their life style.