The Indiana Public Health Foundation, Inc.

A 501 (c) 3 not-for-profit corporation



Indiana Public Health Foundation

      The Indiana Public Health Foundation, Inc. is an independent, public-not-for-profit health institute dedicated to promoting and protecting the health of the individual through education, research and resource management, to achieve a higher quality of life, a healthy environment, and to foster greater knowledge of public health.  The Foundation promotes community health, leadership, assessment, availability of services, educational opportunities for articulating health trends, and supports sound public health policy. 

     The Foundation advocates the improvement of population-based health protection services that intervene and prevent disease, injury and environmental problems that affect all  citizens regardless of social or economic status.  This pubic health policy has saved millions of lives and brought about control of disease, injury prevention, and an improved environment and greater attention to chronic diseases.  It emphasizes the need for intervention and prevention to advance the health of all citizens.  Public health targets the health status of the total population in contrast to public medicine, which provides services for direct care.  It seeks to achieve its mission by creating opportunities for Indiana citizens to practice healthy lifestyles as a way to improve the health status.  This is accomplished through education, research and services aimed at improving the quality of life.


Indiana Public Health Association

     To promote the health of the people of Indiana through:

     Educational programs to improve public health practice
     Training and research to advance public health
     Promotion of interest in public health careers
     Public education about prevention of disease and promotion of wellness
     Advocacy for the health of the people through communication with government officials and community leaders.







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