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2007 Award Recipients

Lifetime Award for Distinguished Service in Years of Health Advancement


Craig Brater, M.D., Dean, Indiana University School of Medicine

Craig Brater, M.D., In recognition of exemplary leadership in the advancement of the science of medicine and pharmacology through research and education.  For significant contributions to the health of the citizens of Indiana and the nation through important research advances in the understanding of diuretics and non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs.  For outstanding contributions to the Indiana University School of Medicine and Indiana University including serving as Dean of the School of Medicine and Vice President of the University.  For contributions to BioCrossroads, a consortium of business, industry and academic institutions dedicated to economic development through promotion of the Life Sciences.



Individual Environmental Health

Ron Shake

Ron Shake, Sullivan County Community Hospital. For significant and distinguished service to improve the environmental operation of the Sullivan County Community Hospital and recognition of the need to improve the efficient use of utilities necessary to the operation of the hospital; for the education of hospital staff in the conservation and use of utilities; for improving the Bio-Hazard Waste disposal methods used by the hospital in conjunction with the Bio-hazard waste disposal vendor; monitoring waste disposal on a monthly basis for improvement opportunities; for site visits to insure correct disposal of waste and review of the biotracking system used by the vendor.  For dedication and perseverance in improving the use and conservation of basic operational needs of the hospital and reducing the overall cost of operations, providing a more efficient environment to provide patient care.

Business and Industry Environmental Health

Enrico Garcia, M.D., Health Officer, Vigo County Health Department

Vigo County Health Department Environmental Division.  For exemplary and distinguished leadership in recognition of a major environmental problem, especially affecting the well-being of Vigo County children; assessing the extent of the problem and the need to educate the citizens; for formation of a Lead Poisoning Prevention Coalition and of striving to achieve the Healthy People 2010 Goal of eliminating lead hazards in the community; for increasing lead poisoning testing through education, out reach, advocacy and individual assessment, by implementing community activities resulting in an increase of young children being tested; for work with the school system to provide testing for pre-kindergarten students; for increasing the number of children and family visits to the Well Child Clinic  for testing;  for reaching into older neighborhoods with educational information resulting in tripling the number of children being tested.  For excellence in public health and addressing a long range problem to eliminate lead poisoning.  Accepting the award on behalf of the health department's Environmental Division was Enrico Garcia, M.D., Health Officer, Vigo County Health Department.

Individual Preventive Medicine and Public Health

Nena Ray

Nena Ray, Clarian Health Methodist Hospital.  For significant contributions and dedication to the prevention of Shaken Baby Syndrome resulting from violet handling of a baby that results in brain injury; for the development of a tool  - ”a baby doll” - to teach parents and jurors the effects of Shaken Baby Syndrome; for the foresight to recognize the need to educate parents, attorneys, jurors and judges of the effects of shaking, throwing or slamming a baby; for simulating a live baby effectively portraying the brain damage resulting from violence; for reaching out to parents to make them aware of the consequences of Shaken Baby Syndrome.  For distinguished and dedicated service to the prevention of Shaken Baby Syndrome.

David M Hadley, M.D.

David M. Hadley, M.D., Health Officer, Hendricks County Health Department. For exemplary and dedicated leadership in developing community relationships with local governmental officials; expanded environmental programs related to food inspection, septic systems, tattoo parlors, bed and breakfasts, camps, swimming pools, review of commercial building plans under $500,000, mosquito control, investigation of food borne diseases, housing; expansion of preventive medicine services including immunizations, home visits, communicable disease control, direct observation of tuberculosis therapy, child health clinics, lead poisoning screening, health education, obesity and fitness; newborn screening; partnering with Hendricks Regional Hospital Partners Care Clinic; participation in community emergency preparedness; significant promotion of a tobacco free environment through education and legislation as president of the Indiana Association of Public Health Physicians, Inc.  For excellence in leadership, diplomacy, sincerity and improving the image of public health in Hendricks County.

Pat Custer, M.D., R.D., C.D.E.

Pat Custer, M.D., R.D., C.D.E.  For distinguished and exceptional leadership in the development of an extensive diabetes educator medical management program and the development of a manual “Adult Diabetes: Practices Guidelines, Decision Pathways, Pharmaceutical Management” as a reference for physicians; conducting the program in a least ten locations serving approximately 700 patients per month; analysis of the medication management outcomes with a highly statistical significant decrease of 1.9 percent in the AIC blood test assessing glucose control; reducing the risk of eye, kidney and nerve complications by 40%; implementation of services that reduce the risk of complications; improvement in the quality of life for patients and their families; increased patient productivity to their employers; and the decrease in the cost of health care related to the complications that develop as a result of lack of the proper management of diabetes.  For excellence in the production of a unique diabetes educator medical management program.



Business and Industry Preventive Medicine and Public Health

HealthNet Tobacco Cessation Initiative


HealthNet Tobacco Cessation Initiative.  For distinguished service in the initiation of a tobacco cessation program to address Indiana’s high rate of tobacco use and reduce the number of deaths; for implementing a tobacco treatment program using Public Health Service Clinical Practice Guidelines:  “Treat Tobacco Use and Dependence” designed to assist physicians in delivering and supporting effective treatment for tobacco use and dependence; for providing one on one counseling to assist the tobacco user achieve his or her goal to cease using tobacco; for demonstrating the value of the program and expanding it to all HealthNet Centers in Marion County; for achieving a one month 29.3% quit rate and a six month quit rate of 32.9%.  For effectively reducing Indiana’s smoking rate from second in the nation to fifth in the nation.

Clarian Medical Center West Diabetic Care Program

Clarian Medical Center West Diabetic Care Program.  For exemplary leadership and recognition of  the need to develop a team approach to improving the quality of life for their diabetic and potential diabetic patients; for implementing a less painful method for testing blood sugar; for monitoring and educating patients in choosing foods that control blood sugar, reducing risks of a variety of co-morbidities; for commitment to providing patients with a soothing, safe, comprehensive healing environment and addressing the patient’s diabetes or risk of developing diabetes; for quality care and realistic goal setting; for providing supportive education focused on improving life quality and longevity; and making the diabetes management process easier for Clarian West patients and the entire system thereby touching thousands of lives.  For exceptional quality of care for the diabetic and potential diabetic population.




  HealthNet Immunization Initiative

HealthNet Immunization Initiative.  For distinguished and exceptional initiative in assessing the lack of immunizations in children 19 to 35 months of age, particularly in those below the poverty level; for initiating    a    system    designed   to   identify   non-immunized children, working with the parents and children visiting the clinic; keeping immunization records current, educating parents, and going the extra mile to assure immunizations are given during the clinic visit; for increasing the number of children immunized from 40.2% to 81.6% with the highest level being 92%.  For designing and implementing a system to immunize preschool age children against vaccine preventable diseases and reducing the incidence of infectious diseases resulting in an economic saving of $27.00 for every dollar invested in the Diphtheria/Tetanus/Pertussis Vaccine, thereby conserving the families’ financial resources.


EHART - St. Francis Hospital and Health Center



EHART—St. Francis Hospital and Health Center.  For outstanding and distinguished initiative in the development of an Emergency Heart Attack Response Team (EHART) in response to the need for a shorter door to balloon time; for using the emergency department physician to activate the cardiac catherization team; for immediate patient transfer to the catherization lab reducing intervention time to 75 minutes with three out of four patients being treated under 90 minutes;  for   implementing    a   protocol     that  dramatically improved the hospital’s door to balloon time from 113 minutes to 75 minutes; for increasing treatment within 90 minutes from 28 percent to 71 percent.  For excellence in designing a life saving protocol and improving the quality of care leading to the reduction of deaths from heart attacks.

Excellence in Health Science Research

Kathleen Russell, R.N., D.N.S.

















Kathleen Russell, R.N., D.N.S.  In recognition of exceptional and distinguished research focused on minority health disparities beginning with childhood injury prevention based on maternal determinants of injury prevention in low income families over the past seven years; for focusing on building minority capacity in cancer prevention and control; as the principal investigator of two NCI-funded studies to develop and test lay health advisor intervention to increase mammography screening in community based settings; to examine the quality of life issues in African American women breast cancer survivors; to inform clinicians and minority communities about special survivor needs; for special contributions in testing the effectiveness of an interactive computer program to increase colorectal cancer screening in African American men and women; research to examine barriers to care for African American and Latino populations, minority health policy, health needs assessments in communities of color and program outcomes of numerous minority health projects.  For recognition of the need to research minority health disparities to determine the feasibility of combining lay health advisors and interactive tailored computer messages into one intervention and to estimate the effect associated with the combined intervention on mammography screening adherence.  For excellence in health science research to improve the health status of minorities and reduce disparities in health care.